Monday, January 6, 2020

Corbon dye oxide fire extinguisher

Description about fire extinguisher  corbon dye oxide :-

Fire extinguisher  corbon dye oxide  using for the building for fire protections.
Fire extinguisher corbon dye oxide need for shop,building,warehouse and store
Fire extinguisher  coverage  area is almost 100 square metres
Corbon dye oxide like a cylinder and inside cylinder  some type of nytrozen chemical  available  , when any area fire will happen  there you can use fire extinguisher dry powder  for finish  the fire problem .
Fire extinguisher  corbon dye oxide  specialist  use for shop and office also because  fire extinguisher corbon dye oxide is a nytrozen chemical  powder which is not harmful  for shop materials or office system
Fire extinguisher corbon dye oxide  mostly use for kitchen area.

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