Sunday, January 12, 2020


Description about fire hose nozzle 21/2" :-

Fire hose nozzle 21/2" use for fire hose this material connected to fire hose 21/2".
for this material using water force going more fast on water.
this material increasing water speed.this material location is double door fire hose cabinet.
every fire hose cabinet need one fire hose 21/2" nozzle.

Coverage area of fire hose 21/2" :-

Fire fighting hose coverage area is 30 meter. Because fire hose 21/2" length is 30 meter. Some case you can cover both side left and right  but as per civil defence rule every 30 meter need 1 nos more fire hose reel in area.

Location area of fire hose 21/2" :-

Fire hose location is fire hose cabinet double door. 

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