Wednesday, January 22, 2020


FIRE HYDRANT  description :-

Fire HYDRANT is a fire fighting  materials. This material  people usually install  outside of the building. Fire hydrant connect  to underground  pipe .fire fighting pump supply water to hydrant. With Every hydrant  almose 2 nos fire hose 21/2"*30 meter available.  Because  if building  on fire then that fire hose people  connect to fire hydrant .fire hydrant  have water pressure  from fire fighting pump room so by using fire hydrant people can solve the fire problem. 
Fire hydrant coverage area is 60 meter. 
Fire hydrant  can coverage area of 60 meter because every fire hydrant  have 2 most fire hose and that fire  hose length  is 30 meter. So left and right  30 meter  both fire  hose you can use to finish  fire problem.

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