Friday, January 17, 2020


OS & Y GATE VALVE description:-

Os  & y GATE VALVE is a fire fighting materials.this materials  you can use as per water pressure  control .where you want putted and stop the water.
When people  installation  of pipe related things  there  you need  this material. This material  jenerraly people  use for water block or stop .people  use this  material  for tank,Fire hose cabinet,pump room.
In the pump room os & y gate valve need to put with strainer.which area water tank available that area need to put os & y gate valve.then whenever you want block connection to water tank to pump room then you can use this material and block the water.

OS & Y GATE VALVE USES :- os & Y GATE VALVE people jenerraly use pipe fitting area.pipe fitting area have water force everywhere so people using GATE VALVE for stopped water force and block water force.

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